Alan Stewart,

 Lloyds Maritime Academy Diploma in Small Craft Surveying)

Based Near Bedford & Milton Keynes


Site updated  9/4/20

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  Alan Stewart,

BSS Examiner

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Boat Safety Scheme Examiner

Alan Stewart, BSS Examiner

Examination Price Structure.

  Examination Fee.                                                £108.40  

   Administration Charge                                       £51.60  (see note 3)

   Revisit, no charge for local ( See Note 1.)        £20   + £0.46 per mile beyond 45 miles

   Non Private Boats (eg Hire Craft)                    Negotiable for multiple boats,



     The above prices relate to narrow boats, most broadbeam canal boats, and most inland waterways cruisers.

     Rates for boats with two engines and Dutch barges are negotiable. (An extra £10 to £20) depending on installation and appliances installed

     Rates for very small craft, such as those with an outboard engine with a portable fuel system,, can be reduced at time of examination. Maximun reduction £35. Experience has tought me not to commit to such a discount until after  the examination.


     If an examination is particularly straightforward, ie when the owner has well prepared his boat and there are no complications I may reduce my charge.

   LPG itightness testing takes a considerable time, so if a vessel has a properly installed 'Bubble Tester' or no LPG installation I will reduce my charge by £10


If time permits I can remain on site for a reasonable period for any defect(s) to be rectified. thereby avoiding a revisit. (Provision of occasional cup of tea may be necessary!)  However a prolonged examination or the need for  a second visit can result in forefit of any discounts.


    No travel expenses are charged for initial visits to locations within 45 miles of home base (See Note 2.), and

 are 46p per mile beyond that range. This will be rounded up to the £



Note 1.    I may waive the charge for a Return visit to  locations in my local area, ie Grand Union from Grove Lock to Yardly Gobion,and Great Ouse in Bedfrd/St Neots area, if arranged for a date/time suitable to myself  Third and subsequent visits will be charged for at an agreed rate depending upon the reason for such visits.

Any revisits more than 3 months after the original examination, will incurr a further full examination. Being already familiar with the boat, and depending on circumstances I may  reduce the examination charge by as much as 50% .


Note 2.   Distance is calculated using the 'shortest' route on the RAC Route Planner.     My base being located

at MK43 0QN.    

However, as sometimes happens the shortest route is not  the most convenient or in fact the most economical. In such cases I use the "mean" distance between the shortest and fastest routes for this calculation.There is no charge for the first 45 miles.

My return travel home is included in this rate and  will not be charged for.


Note 3. Adminstration Charge,  This is payable by the examiner to the BSS office for each certificat issued  (Currently £43 plus VAT.)



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